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Punishment :iconsvorec:Svorec 2 7 Gazelle gets spanked :iconsvorec:Svorec 4 5
bad zebra a zecora spanking fic
(note: before we begin you might notice that zecora doesn;t speak in rhyme the reason is because in my rp's with :IconPsychopony999:
twilight gave zecora a book on how to speak proper english so yeah also these ponies are anthro and wear clothes  enjoy) 
one day zebracake was angry he had jsut gotten wedgied in zecora's hut and was mad zecora was making a brew when she noticed him
"oh hello there what brings you to my hut?" she asked him "hi i'm zebracake and i got a bone to pic with you"  "Oh why is that" she asked
"well your invention gave me a wedgie" he said "oh i'm sorry zebracake but i must admit your species is quite amazing a flying zebra" 
"thanks but that still doesn't fix it i had to get my undies removed from my flank" he said pointing to it zecora felt sad she knew what 
she did was wrong she then bowed her head in sorrow she felt ashame "i understand if you want you can give me a punishment any
you desire" she said  "well can i spank you?" sh
:iconflyscratch:flyscratch 2 0
have fun for a change a celestia spanking fic
it was a cool day in celestia's castle everyone was happy everyone except celestia you see
celestia was acting rather meanly flyscratch had had enough so he decided to take matters
into his own hand "what do you want flyscratch i a mvery busy" she said to him suddenly
flyscratch grabbed her over his lap lifted up her tail using his magic and then smack celestia's
flank was  smacked celestia whined as each smack got harder and harder "why are you doing
this to me?" she whined "this is for being a meanie" he said  and with that celestia's flank
quickly turned pink then with a few more smacks it tunred red as one of applejack's apple
celestia was crying and soon was sent to the corner crying "now then think about your
bahviour" said flyscratch as the prince of wedgies flew off  man celestia had alot of thinking
to do  
:iconflyscratch:flyscratch 2 3
Mature content
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Mature content
Monsters University Spanking :iconscorpion2988:Scorpion2988 2 11
Morithain Request - Dhalism Spanking a Chocobo :iconpikapika212:pikapika212 6 2
MATURE/NSFW Pony Requests! [OPEN!!!!]
-DON'T RUSH ME, please
-You can ask me for as many requests as you want, and i'll draw them! :)

Requests Slots (unlimited slots)-
- Dashy showing her big boobs by Landasher12
- Rarity in a red microkini pinup by Titankilla
- Sunset Shimmer with a tiny Twilight sticking out of her breasts by Titankilla
- Naked Twilight Reading a Book Caught Off Guard by MagicMaster390
- Flutterbat giving his character a Blowjob by CreepyMax123
- Twilight and Rarity in a shower (nude) by ThomasandMichael
- Twilight and Rarity lying on a bed in see-thru lingerie by ThomasandMichael
- Vinyl Scratch NSFW SheiCarson
- Sonata laying on top of Adagio nude in bed, boobs touching eachother Epicguy19
- Lightning Glare wearing stockings with suspender belts on while showing out her big boobs :devthund
:iconstarponexx:StarPoneXx 30 237
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Spanking in prehistoric time :icontroodont:troodont 6 9
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Animation Ispirated by a drawing of Devi437 :icontroodont:troodont 7 10
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Animation for Crane80 :icontroodont:troodont 6 15
Mature content
Mr conductor 's family spanked :icontroodont:troodont 6 4



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One day Lapis and Peridot were inside the barn bored to death. They were trying to

come up with something fun to do.Peridot was laying on the floor when an idea came to

her. "Say Lapis...Want to help me build something?" she asked. "Depends what it is," Lapis

replied. "Oh I came up with this great idea! It is a giant solar powered laser!" Peridot

exclaimed. "Sounds dangerous," Lapis replied. "It won't be, I'll only calbrate it to a

certain degree," Peridot replied. "What kind of degree?" Laips asked. "You'll see,"

Peridot replied. "I don't like this," Lapis groaned. The two of the started to build

the great machine. It was big and clunky. The whole contraption looked like a giant green

diamond with a satilite pointing out of it. When they were done Peridot was giggleing to

herself while Lapis looked concerned. "Is this thing safe?" she asked her green pointed

friend. "Of course it is," Peridot replied. "All the lazer does is steal things." "Steal

things?" Lapis asked. "Yes, steal things, like gems," Peridot replied. "What are you going

to do with it?" Lapis asked. "Have fun," Peridot replied with a grin and with a press of a

button the machine came alive. She pointed towards Steven's house and fired. A giant light

streaked across the sky and struck the house. Lapis and Peridot watched as gems came

flying towards them. "It works!" Peridot shouted. "What are you doing?" Lapis

asked. "Stealing the gems from the Crystal Gems," Peridot replied. "I can see that! Why?"

Lapis replied. "It is a prank! When Garnet goes into her room all the gems will be gone!

She will think Steven or one of the other gems did it! And boy will she be mad!" Peridot

stated. "Why are you trying to make her mad?" Lapis asked. "Because it is fun," Peridot

replied. All of a sudden, the machine started to shake and crumble. It started pulling

up huge quanties of gems. "Peridot! What's going on?" Lapis asked. "I don't know!" Peridot

shouted as she began smashing her fist into her remote control. "AUGH! Stupid machine!"

She yelled. In five minutes, the laser was able to uproot Steven's house. Peridot and

Lapis watched in horror as the house came right towards them. It crashed into Peridot's

machine and destroyed it. The beam went off as Lapis and Peridot stood in the middle of a

big mess. "AUGH! What do we do? What do we do?" Peridot asked. "What do you mean WE?"

Lapis asked. "This is your fault!" "My fault?!!" Peridot yelled. "You helped me do

this!" "Against my will I might add!" Lapis shouted. "Why you clod! Help me fix this!"

Peridot shouted. "Your on your own!" Lapis yelled. The two of them began fighting. As the

were bickering back and forth, the door from Steven's house opened up and Garnet was

standing in front of them. "GARNET!" They both yelled. "What are you doing here?" "I live

in this house...or I used to live in this house! What did you do to it?" Garnet

asked. "Let me state for the reccord that...this was all Peridot's fault!" Lapis

stated. "What? Oh no! I am not taking the fall for this you helped me!" Peridot

shouted. "I had nothing to do with it!" Lapis yelled. "You followed blindly! It's

partially your fault!" Peridot remarked. The two of them began to bicker again.

Garnet shook her head. She then grabbed the two gems by their ears and led them to what

was left of the barn. "Let me go you clod! You are stretching my ear!" Peridot complained.

Garnet placed them in the middle of the barn. She then made a giant metal stick appear in

front of her. "All right girls! You know what happens to naughty gems don't you?"

Garnet asked as she waved the staff in front of them. "No! Not the stick! Anything but the

stick!" Peridot begged. "You girls broke the house, you girls are the ones fighting, and

you girls are the ones who are going to get the stick! Now get over here before I force

you over here!" Garnet yelled. Lapis gulped and approached slowly. Peridot turned and was

about to run the other way. Garnet grabbed her and forced her to stand in place. "Just for

that stunt, you girls are going to get it worse! Now, Lapis lift up your skirt! Peridot

pull down your pants!" Garnet ordered. Lapis glared at Peridot as she lifted up her skirt

revealing her white panites. Peridot didn't comply which earner her a swat on the butt

with the stick. Peridot jumped up and then pulled down her pants. She bit her lip to keep

herself from crying. "Pull down your panties!" Garnet ordered. "But..." Lapis replied.

Garnet struck Laips's butt with the stick. She then struck Peridot's. This made them take

off their panties revealing there colorful butts. "Bend over!" Garnet ordered. They

complied bending over and submitting to Garnet's will. Garnet first payed her attention to

Peridot since this was her fault. She picked the green gemstone up and dragged her to a

corner. She then bent her over and raised the cane. "Garnet! Wait! Can we talk about this

first?" Peridot pleaded. Garnet ignored her plea and brought the cane down on her butt.

This caused Peridot to jolt forward and cry. "OW!" she shouted. Garnet raised the cane

and brought it down again. "Thirty swats should do it. Start counting!" Garnet ordered.

"Ah! One! OW! Two! OW THREE!" Peridot yelled. The rest of the numbers were hard to make

out because of Peridot's whining and begging. "Please stop! I'll do anything! I'll fix

the house! I'll do chores for the whole week! I'll make Pearl's nose smaller! I'll eat

soap! Just stop spanking me!" Peridot whined in a high squeaky voice. "Keep whining and I

will add more punishment!" Garnet shouted. Peridot kept as quiet as she could while

Garnet finished whacking her. When she was all done, she forced Garnet into the corner

and then walked over to Lapis. "You clod," Peridot whispered. This earned her one last

hard stroke with the cane causing her to let out a squeal. "Right! Now it's your turn!"

Garnet stated as she grabbed Lapis. "Thirty swats, bend over!" Lapis complied. Bending

over and touching her ankles. She braced for the worst. "Thirty swats, you can take

thirty swats," Lapis whispered to herself. "Count!" Garnet ordered as she brought

the cane down on her blue butt. "One! EEP! Two! ACK! Three! OW! Four! AHH! FIVE!"

Lapis as the cane did a number on her butt. Unlike Peridot, Lapis didn't complain.

She took her punishment like a gem and just stood there until it was over. After

spanking her she march Lapis over to the corner where Peridot was standing. She

applied another harsh swat onto Peridot's butt causing her to squeal. "OW! What was

that for?" Peridot asked. "It's for something you'll do later," Garnet replied.

The two gems just stood in the corner. Bare bottomed and naked. Both were ashamed

at what they had done. After ten minuets, Garnet let them out and allowed them

to cover themselves. "Are you two sorry?" she asked. "Yes," They both

replied. "Will you do it again?" Garnet asked. "Probably," Peridot whispered

to herself. This earned a punch in the shoulder from Lapis. "Uh! No! We

won't!" Peridot stated. "We're sorry," Lapis remarked. "We will help clean

this place up." "Good," Garnet replied. "Get to it!" The two gems started

cleaning the mess they made up. Peridot turned to Lapis and began

talking. "Hey, why did you volunteer us to clean up? We already took the

spanking! We do not have to clean this place up!" she stated. "Well, you did want

something to do," Lapis replied. "But not this!" Peridot stated. "Hey, less chit chat and

more cleaning!" Garnet ordered as she waved the cane in the air. The two of them saw the

cane and immediately began to clean faster. Garnet smiled and went back inside the

wreckage of Steven's house to continue doing what she had been doing before the whole

mayhem began and that was giving Pearl the cane.
Something Fun To Do
A art trade with an artist on another site. Lapis and Peridot get spanked.

Hope u like it! :D

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       One day Flyscratch was at a concert. He had won a ticket that afternoon and he

decided to go check it out. He had no idea who was singing, he just wanted to spend the

afternoon having fun. At the concert, he was listening to the famous singer Gazelle

preform her greatest hits. She was a tall anthro creature with a sleek brown body and she

was wearing a red miniskirt and top. She was preforming on stage and her music echoed

through the crowds. The only person who did not like the performance was Flyscratch. He

was appalled by the way the singer moved and the lyrics she sang. Flyscratch left before  

the show was over. Later that night, Gazelle had finished the concert and was planning to

spend the rest of the day relaxing in her trailer. She walked in and turned the lights on

and was shocked to see a fan sitting right there in the middle of the room. It was none

other than Flyscratch and he was not pleased. "What are you doing in here?" the singer

asked. "I came to talk about how you preformed," Flyscratch replied. "You are a fan?"

Gazelle asked. "Not really, more of a critic," Flyscratch replied. "Sorry, I don't have

time for you," Gazelle replied. "It is late and I am tied. Talk to me in the morning."

Flyscratch walked over and slammed the door shut. He then locked it and faced the singer.

"I did not like the way you preformed or sang tonight. It was disgusting," Flyscratch

remarked. "Well, sorry you felt that way," Gazelle replied. "The way you moved. Showing off

your parts as if they were a statement. It was awful. What does your mother say about

this?" Flyscratch asked. "She doesn't know," Gazelle replied. "Well, I better tell her

how you behave on stage! Maybe that will straighten you out!" Flyscratch stated. "No,

don't tell her! She will make me quit! This will ruin my carrier!" Gazelle yelled as she

tried to keep Flyscratch inside. "Will you quit acting like a stripper?" Flyscratch asked.

"I can't do that! I'll get fired!" Gazelle stated. "Then I guess we have no compromise,"

Flyscratch replied as he turned the doorknob. "I'll do anything you ask. Name your price

and I will do it," Gazelle pleaded. "Anything?" Flyscratch asked. The gazelle nodded.

"Will you take a spanking from me?" Flyscratch asked. "A spanking? You have got to be

joking!" Gazelle stated. Flyscratch turned the doorknob some more. "Wait!" Gazelle yelled.

She thought about it for a moment. "Fine," she replied with resentment. Flyscratch sat on

the bed in the back room. He motioned his hoof telling Gazelle to approach. She did. "How

did your mom spank you?" Flyscratch asked. "With a belt," Gazelle replied. "Go get me

one!" Flyscratch ordered. Gazelle obeyed and went into the closet. She pulled out a belt

and approached Flyscratch. "Bend over!" he ordered. The gazelle bent over Flyscratch's

knee. He tapped the belt on her butt still clothed with the red skirt. He then lifted it

up high and brought it down with a loud slap. The gazelle held back her tears as the belt

spanked her again and again. "This is what naughty girls get when they show off there

parts!" Flyscratch yelled as he spanked her. Gazelle fought back the tears hard. But soon

they began flowing down her face like a waterfall. She wished she wore a bigger skirt

because the one she was wearing now offered her no protection. Flyscratch gave her forty

licks with the belt. Then he stopped and lifted up her skirt revealing her red panties.

"Boy! You sure do like red! This red skirt and panties will go great with your red butt!"

Flyscratch yelled as he spanked her some more. Gazelle cried as she was helpless to stop

the spanking. What worried her was that the spanking was loud and she was afraid someone

would hear. Flyscratch spanked her forty times this was before he stopped. He then lowered

her panties revealing her dark red sore butt. Once again, he raised the belt in the air

and spanked her some more. Gazelle tried to put her hoofs back there to block the blows.

Flyscratch moved them out of the way and continued to spank. After a bit, he stopped and

forced Gazelle to lay across the bed. She did as she was told. Flyscratch then told her to

spread them. She stretched out her legs showing off her big sore butt. Flyscratch continued

the spanking again. Taking his sweet old time. Gazelle was brawling like a baby. Instead

of say OW or AH! She said things like, "That's too hard...Please hurts..." just

like a little girl. Flyscratch kept this up for an hour. Then he stopped. Gazelle was still

crying, as Flyscratch came up and hugged her. "Are you going to be a good girl now?" he

asked. "Yes," she cried. "As long as you don't tell my mother." "Well..." Flyscratch

replied. He then proceeded to tell her that he called her mother just before he got to

the trailer and told her everything. The mother than gave Flyscratch permission to spank

her. She also said that she would be coming over to spend the week with her daughter. That

week ended up being a great big spanking for Gazelle. Seven days and seven nights her

mother spanked her butt raw. She did it with her belt which was withered down on Gazelle's

furry butt. Afterward, Gazelle acted with more dignity when she was on stage.
The Critic
Flyscratch spanks Gazelle from Zootopia

Gift for Flyscratch

Hope u like!

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  One day, Troubleshoes, Big Mac, and Braeburn were all outside playing soccer in front
of Rarity's Boutique. They were all being very rowdy and loud. Rarity opened a window to

complain about all the noise. "Keep it down!" she yelled. "I am trying to work." The three

stallions ignored her and just kept on playing. Everything was fine until one of them

kicked the ball straight through the window at the Boutique. Rarity came out the front

door. She was boiling mad at what had just happened. "TROUBLESHOES! BIG MAC! BRAEBURN!"

she yelled at the top of her voice. The three stallions whimpered at this. They ran away

as fast as their legs could carrying them. Rarity used her magic and pulled them into her

store. She was not pleased with them. "Which one of you did this?" she asked. The three of

them pointed in different directions blaming the other for the misdeed. "So! None of you

want to fess up?" she asked. The three of them remained silent. Rarity pulled a chest over

towards her. She opened it and pulled out a big paddle. "I'm not going to ask you again!

Who's fault was it?" she asked. The three stallions ran over towards the door. They tried

to open it but is was locked. Rarity used her magic and forced them over towards her.

"Are you going to tell me who did it?" she asked waving the paddle in the air. The three

of them remained silent. "Right then! You know the drill! Heads down! Bottoms up!" she

ordered. The three stallions obeyed. With there bottoms in the air, Rarity walked over and

lifted there tails in the air. She then slammed the paddle down on Braeburn's butt

causing him to let out a yip. She hit him four more times. She then walked over to Big

Mac and spanked him five times causing him to flinch. She did the same exact thing to

Troubleshoes. She then repeated the pattern. Walking to each stallion and spanking his

rear. There butts turned bright pink. Rarity kept up the spanking. Each of the boys let

out a small scream as the paddle made contact with there butts. "Are you sorry yet?"

Rarity asked. "Yes," they replied as they started to cry. "Doesn't look like it! I'm

going to make sure you are sorry so this won't happen again!" she stated as she walked over

towards the chest. "What are you going to do?" Braeburn asked as he sniffed. "A stallion

is truly sorry when his bottom is sore and he his brawling like a baby. When spanking a

stallion the only way to get him to cry is the beat his bottom with a belt!" Rarity stated

as she pulled out a belt. The three of them gasped at this. They all began to beg. Rarity

ignored there pleas and began belting them. First she struck Troubleshoes and turned his

brown butt red. Then she struck Big Mac until his butt was redder than an apple. Finally,

she struck Braeburn to the point where she was scurry on the floor trying to get away.

"Oh no you don't!" Rarity yelled as she pulled him back over. "I will have to punish you

for that!" She did. She spanked them over and over again with the belt. The three of them

began to scream and beg for mercy. "Boy, for a bunch of boys who hardly talk you sure are

talking now!" Rarity remarked as she delivered the final ten strokes on each of the

Stallions bottoms. After spanking them like that she let them stand up. "Go stand in that

corner!" she ordered. The three boys limped over there. "No rubbing!" she shouted. The

three boys stood there like trees. Rarity stared at there bottoms admiring the work she

had just accomplished. After a while, Rarity told them they could come out. "Are you guys

sorry?" she asked. Big Mac and Troubleshoes nodded. "Yes, we are," Braeburn replied.

"Good! All is forgiven!" Rarity stated. "Now, come and sit with me, I was just about to

make some tea." "Don't say sit!" Braeburn stated as he began to rub his sore butt. "Okay

Just come have some tea with me," Rarity replied. The three of them went over and joined

Rarity for some tea. This was a safer game then playing soccer because you wouldn't get

spanked for breaking something. That is until Braeburn spilt tea all over Rarity's floor.

Now the three of them were surely in trouble!
Never Tick of Rarity
Art Trade with an artist on Inkbunny!

Here u go! Hope u like it! :D


United States


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